The Cafflano All In One Coffee Maker



Did you ever wish, “Gee, I wish I could have everything I need for a super fresh cup of coffee all in one unit?” only to dismiss that wish as a silly pipe dream? Well, wish granted: the Cafflano All-In-One Coffee Maker (also called the Cafflano Klassic) contains everything you need for that cup of coffee, namely a hand mill grinder, drip kettle, filter, and cup! The only other items that you have to supply are favorite beans and hot water. How’s that for convenient? While the price tag – around $89.00-$119.00, depending on where purchased – might be enough to put a coffee lover into sticker shock for something that’s so small, the parts are all well-made and designed to work together flawlessly.


Specifications and Features

The entire unit measures 7.6 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches and weighs all of 1 lb., making for true portability.  The entire thing screws together, assuring that wherever you store it while traveling, it will that way (it kind of looks like those childhood lunch box thermoses). Materials included in the Cafflano are as follows: stainless steel for the inside tumbler, the grinder handle and shaft; a stainless etching filter; ceramic for the grinder itself; silicon on the tumbler bottom; and the main body and any other areas not already accounted for are made from polypropylene (PP/BPA free). It comes in either black or red; the focus is on making great coffee, not providing a million color options.

It’s put together in a logical fashion. At the top is the vessel for boiling water, right below that is the ceramic burr grinder, then metal cone filter, and at the very bottom is the tumbler. As stated above, you’ll have to provide the beans and hot water. Once those are brought into the equation, then a cup of coffee will be ready in minutes.

Making the coffee takes only these steps: add 20 grams of whole beans into the grinder (which can be set by notches to adjust from a coarse to finer grind), grind them, remove the grinder, and pour hot water over the coffee (using the drip kettle and its spout), which is now in the cone. The trick is to do a 45-second infusion of the ground coffee to start, then slowly add the rest of the water – don’t just dump it all in. Then take out the cone, and you’re done.

Looking for a tasty alternative during the hot summer months? The Cafflano also makes iced coffee. Simply fill the tumbler about 80% with ice and reduce the amount of hot water in the kettle to half full. The rest is prepared just like making hot coffee.


Ease of Use

The Cafflano is incredibly easy to use. Anyone getting stuck can also refer to the multiple helpful videos that the manufacturer has included on its website. Make sure you use only the amount of water that fits into the kettle to prevent overflowing. As far as using the grinder, it may be easier to separate it from the tumbler unit before grinding to add stability.

Cleanup is also easy, as there’s nothing electrical that can’t be used with running water. Although the metal cone filter works on its own, a paper filter can be used for a faster drip and to make cleaning this part of the unit even faster.



The Cafflano isn’t cheap by any means, especially for anyone used to paying less than $50 for an automatic drip coffee maker and/or unconcerned with having freshly-ground beans. So if you’re not concerned about having the ability to make coffee practically anywhere, this is not going to be a great buy. But for business or leisure travelers – especially those who want a taste of home while far away – and those in an office with otherwise lousy coffee, this will pay for itself several times over (especially if using this instead of making a daily run to an overpriced coffee chain).


  • Compact and easy to use.
  • All parts included to grind a brew a single cup of coffee.
  • Great craftsmanship.
  • Two color options.
  • High quality, adjustable grinder produces a consistent grind.
  • Can make coffee anywhere there’s hot water nearby.
  • Perfect for those who are usually stuck with terrible coffee options, like office or hotel.
  • Mesh filter makes it eco-friendly.



  • Somewhat high price tag.
  • Top kettle should not be put into microwave to heat water.
  • Need to pre-measure water needed, as plastic reservoir isn’t see-through.
  • No travel-type lid for tumbler.
  • Red lid doesn’t screw on.
  • Always have to carry beans with you.


Travelers and those looking for a consistently perfect cup of coffee will love the Cafflano Klassic. It looks good, it works smoothly, and there’s no waste, thanks to making just one cup at a time. Anyone looking for a gift idea for a coffee lover might consider adding this to the list.